2 – 4 Questions to Challenge Mom Guilt

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Ugh mom guilt! We all want to be the best for our children so it’s hard when life (and mistakes!) happen. Mom guilt seems to be built into our DNA. While guilt can be protective and give us very useful information, being consumed by guilt actually takes away from our ability to be the amazing mothers we are. In this episode, Orlesa talks about her beef with marketers who capitalize on moms’ emotional struggles, how mom guilt can be harmful, and 4 questions you can ask yourself to ditch mom guilt.

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Hi, I’m Orlesa

Therapist, coach, wife and mother

While I won’t be changing any diapers or folding that never-ending pile of laundry (honestly, where do all those clothes come from?!), I can show you effective coping strategies and skills you can use to bring calm to the chaos.

Being a mother is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Together, we’ll create a plan to tackle every challenge and barrier that’s stealing your joy. The end result? Happiness, peace and contentment – as a mom, partner and woman.

I’m here to guide you out of your current rut to create a life that’s enjoyable and fulfilling (without the guilt).

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