Managing motherhood logo with mother holding baby in arms. Learning how to put yourself first matters. Overwhelmed moms and individuals dealing with parenting burnout, you deserve a break. Take a breath and begin online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington,D.C. with an online therapist today!
  • Online Therapy in Maryland

    Online Therapy in Maryland

    Life is complicated these days. Make it simple with the ease of weekly online therapy in Maryland

    One of the biggest barriers that keep moms from seeking therapy is the time. Caring for your family takes up enough of your time, but now you have to carve out several more hours to schedule your therapy sessions, find someone (or negotiate with your partner) to watch the kids, and drive on those crazy Maryland streets. This leads you to sit in a waiting room for an unknown amount of time, and then spend at least an hour in your therapy session. Then you have to drive back through the traffic, just to get home.

    Woman's arms typing on a laptop on a desk. If you're tired of feeling like an overwhelmed mom in maryland, then begin online therapy in Maryland to overcome postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, or overwhelm today. Start working with your caring online therapist today!Now thanks to the wonders of modern technology it’s as easy as sitting on the couch and opening an app on your phone. Finding an online therapist in Maryland is easier than ever. You don’t have to settle for the therapist down the street, just because she’s easy to get to. Whether you’re in Baltimore or Germantown, with Managing Motherhood you can easily connect with an online therapist who understands the needs of overwhelmed moms and wants to help them get better as conveniently and easily as possible. Motherhood is hard. Managing Motherhood can help make it easier.

    Whether you need to squeeze a session in between dropping the kids off at school, or you’re taking your mother to a doctor’s appointment. Or may you need to log on with a baby on your hips and kids playing in the background, Managing Motherhood can adapt to your personal.  We can accommodate your needs to make sure you get the therapy you deserve. Our clinicians are clinically licensed to help anyone in the state of Maryland, whether you’ve lived here for years or you’re just stopping by for a while. Online therapy should work for you. Don’t go out of your way to seek the help you need.

    Here are some reasons online therapy in Maryland can work for you:

    It’s convenient to get your counseling done online!

    You’re a mom so you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s easy to forget your appointments, especially when the needs of your family tend to take center stage. With online therapy in Maryland, there’s no need to miss your appointment! When you get the reminder text, you can log in from anywhere and take a much-needed mental health break. No need to battle DMV traffic or schedule your session for when the roads are light because you aren’t leaving your house. Haven’t showered? Not only do I not care, but I also won’t notice!

    Online therapy is comfortable, especially in your own space.

    My office is my minimalist dream. It’s largely empty and devoid of color, except for a couple of plants and my favorite candle. I love it because the lack of “stuff” and visual real estate reflects my desire for calm and stillness. Is this your idea of an ideal office? Maybe not. My office is tailored to my needs and my idea of comfort.

    We’ve all had that experience of going into an office and feeling physically uncomfortable the entire time. The seat is too high or the chair is too deep. Maybe there are not enough support pillows or too many pillows! With online therapy, you are in YOUR comfortable place. No need to awkwardly adjust mid-session because you realize you’re cramping from your sitting position. You can come to therapy from a place that has the colors, textures, and sounds that make YOU comfortable.

    Babies are always welcome and you don’t have to put them in the car!

    One universal truth about becoming a parent- leaving the house is takes FOREVER and it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s a downright pain! You’re planning around naptime or arranging childcare. If you’re breastfeeding you might not want to leave your baby, but they also might be too young for you to feel comfortable bringing them out of the house. With online therapy, you don’t have to make any special accommodations. You can have therapy while the baby is in your lap or does floor time. It is ok if you need to breastfeed or pump during sessions from the privacy of your home.

    Online Therapy in Maryland for Postpartum Anxiety

    Mom sitting on bed with computer and cat. You don't have to be fancy for therapy, come to online therapy in maryland as you are. Let's work together to move past being an overwhelmed mom together. As your online therapist I am here to help!

    You may be worrying, stressed, and feeling like an overwhelmed mom. Perhaps you worry that your baby is getting sick, that you’ll drop your baby, or you’re stressed someone will hurt your precious one. Every breathing hour you’re checking on your baby and now you don’t sleep.

    Perhaps your worry has begun before you have a baby. You are considering every angle of how this can go wrong. Everything is terrifying. At the beginning of your pregnancy, you’re researching, looking at mommy blogs, and asking your doctor every question you can think of. You’re worried about a traumatic birth or potentially a miscarriage. It’s just too much. Exhaustion and aches follow you everywhere. How can you enjoy pregnancy with everything you fear coming up.

    A little worry is normal, but when it overtakes the experience you’ve been waiting for with pregnancy, it’s time to get help. What really sucks, is that the worrying makes everything worse, but you just can’t help it. However, rather than enjoying your pregnancy, you’re missing out on big moments.

    If you want to get back to you and enjoy this time, therapy can help you get out of your head and back to experiencing and enjoying life. I offer online therapy for postpartum anxiety in Maryland. You can get help from the comfort of your own space. You will learn skills to cope with overwhelming feelings and how to calm the worry. Don’t let anxiety make you miss out on those special moments. Contact Managing Motherhood today.

    Online Therapy for Postpartum Depression Treatment

    You thought this time would be happy, but why are you filled with despair. Maybe you crave connection, but you just can’t figure out how to find it. Every day is filled with exhaustion and tears. This leaves you wondering if you’re a bad mom? And will this ever get better?

    Postpartum depression can leave you feeling guilt, lacking joy, and incredibly sad. When you don’t know what’s going on, it can be hard to admit that you need postpartum support. When new moms start to deal with postpartum depression, it can feel like a tough subject to address. Sometimes the health of the mother is overlooked in an effort to address the baby. Even if you feel that you should tough it out, it won’t just go away. However, if left untreated PPD can last for years and have negative effects on the entire family, including your infant.

    You don’t have to continue living in silence, moms who receive treatment for PPD can experience significant improvement in their mood.  Getting non-judgemental postpartum support from a postpartum therapist in Maryland and Washington, D.C can help.

    That’s where Managing Motherhood comes in! I’m a licensed online therapist who offers postpartum depression treatment in Maryland and other perinatal mood disorders. Together, we can work together to figure out the root of your issues and get you to feeling better. You deserve to be happy. Let’s make it happen.

    Online Therapy for Stressed and Overwhelmed Moms

    Maybe you haven’t slept in weeks, showered in days, and you have a never-ending to-do list.  Your family does not help out and you no longer enjoy being with your family. Maybe you feel burned out, stressed, all you do is work, and you feel like a failure. In fact, you have become an overwhelmed mom.

    Rather than giving support, blogs, friends, and family are telling you ” This is motherhood”! “Get it together and move on”!

    Managing Motherhood is has a different message. Being a good mother does not mean you need to be an overwhelmed mom.  In fact, taking care of yourself, shows your children to care for themselves.

    With online therapy for burnout and overwhelm in Maryland, you will learn to prioritize your well-being, set healthy boundaries, and communicate your needs effectively to those around you. You will learn coping skills to reverse burnout and restore peace in your life.

    Motherhood is hard, but it doesn’t have to break you or steal you of your joy. Contact Managing Motherhood today to begin restoring your peace.

    Begin Online Therapy in Maryland With Managing Motherhood!

    Indian mom standing at counter on laptop smiling. If you're tired of feeling like an overwhelmed mom in maryland, then begin online therapy in Maryland to overcome postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, or overwhelm today. Start working with your caring online therapist today!

    Motherhood is beautiful from start to finish, but we cannot forget the parts in between that aren’t so pretty. You matter and so does your health. That’s why I offer online therapy in Maryland to help mothers prioritize their mental health needs. In my online Maryland counseling practice, you will meet with me, your online therapist, who specializes in postpartum depression, anxiety, support, and many other family-related topics.  To get started with therapy follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Managing Motherhood
    2. Meet with Orlesa Poole, your online counselor
    3. Your health matters and so do you. Begin thriving in online therapy today!

    Other services at Managing Motherhood

    At Managing Motherhood, I offer a wide range of services via online therapy in Maryland.  Other services include postpartum depressiontherapy for stress and overwhelmpregnancy and motherhoodparenting supportparent-child interaction therapycounseling for new mothers, therapy for postpartum anxiety, and women’s issues. My work also includes birth trauma and parent coaching.  Being a parent and a mother isn’t easy, but I am here to walk through this time with you. No matter what obstacle is coming up next, we can conquer it together.