Managing motherhood logo with mother holding baby in arms. Learning how to put yourself first matters. Overwhelmed moms and individuals dealing with parenting burnout, you deserve a break. Take a breath and begin online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington,D.C. with an online therapist today!
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    I offer individualized and person-centered online therapy to women in Washington, DC and Maryland. I want you to feel fulfilled, comfortable in your skin and like you are ROCKING life! Let me help you take up space, shed guilt, live for YOURSELF and honor your needs. 

    I also provide parenting support to new parents and parents of young children. Kids can be a handful and its easy to get overwhelmed and fall into the unhealthy parenting and discipline patterns we witnessed in childhood. I strongly believe that there are no bad children, only bad behaviors. Let’s work together to reduce your child’s explosive behaviors while encouraging confidence and security.

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