Managing motherhood logo with mother holding baby in arms. Learning how to put yourself first matters. Overwhelmed moms and individuals dealing with parenting burnout, you deserve a break. Take a breath and begin online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington,D.C. with an online therapist today!
  • Therapy for Moms with Burnout and Stress

    You haven’t slept for more than two hours in months. Honestly, maybe years at this point.

    Perhaps, you haven’t showered in days.

    Just the idea of washing your hair feels too heavy, so you skip it.

    The to-do list is never-ending and even thinking about it makes your heart beat a little faster.

    However, you just can’t bring yourself to clean out the closet or fold another load of clothes and everything is piling up.

    You’re starting to resent your family. You don’t enjoy spending time with your kids or your partner and you feel everyone just wants something from you. In fact, your husband is going on golf trips, plays video games, and you’re still cleaning up, doing dishes, bathtime, bedtime, and planning for tomorrow. You’re on the clock 24/7 while he gets praise for changing a diaper. Once. Three weeks ago. It’s not that you don’t love him (or he doesn’t love you), it’s that you need help and he’s not seeing it.

    EVERYTHING feels like work and you’re FAILING at your job. Maybe you’re also working from home or trying to fit your career into this new life. It feels like you’re behind on emails, and you feel weird around your coworkers who are picking up the slack. Ultimately, you also feel guilty that you just don’t have the headspace for yet another zoom meeting right now.

    You honestly just need a break. I get it. Being a working woman and a mother is both difficult and rewarding. However, as your online therapist in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., I am here to help you find some work-life harmony.

    Reasons To Begin Therapy for Moms Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.

    Steering wheel with multicolor post notes of tasks to get done. You always have tasks and not time. You just feel like an overwhelmed mom. Mom burnout can feel impossible. However, therapy for moms in Maryland or Washington, D.C. can give you a break. Get in touch today!

    There are many reasons moms begin online therapy in Maryland, Virginia or D.C., here are some of the common reasons people begin therapy for moms experiencing overwhelm, stress, and burnout.

    • Difficulty balancing role as mother, wife, employee, and so on
    • You’re trying to set a healthy example for your family
    • Need help with burnout, stress, and overwhelm
    • Perhaps you’re looking for parenting help
    • You’re dealing with postpartum anxiety and depression
    • Struggling to connect with kids or spouse

    Online Therapy Can Help You Work Through Mom Burnout!

    Mom sitting on bed looking out into space in sadness. If you're dealing with mom burnout and just feel like an overwhelmed mom more than anything. Therapy for moms in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. can help. Begin therapy now and feel freedom!

    The mommy blogs, friends, and family are telling you that this is normal. This is what it’s like to be a mother! “Wash up” with some baby wipes and get on with it! That’s not normal. It’s not supposed to be that hard and suffering isn’t supposed to be the price you pay to be a mom.

    Thinking you only deserve a shower when your kids are out of the house isn’t in line with how hard you work: for yourself, your partner, and your family. The mom groups, the blogs, the social media posts normalizing the hard times get one thing wrong – you’re allowed to be happy, well-rested, and content with the life you’ve worked so hard on. Therapy for moms in Washington, D.C., Virginia, or Maryland can help you get past the dark times, the hard parts, the times when you just feel like a blank slate.

    Managing Motherhood is here with a different message. Being a good mother doesn’t have to mean running yourself ragged and giving up a part of yourself. In fact, honoring your needs teaches your kids to do the same.

    Let me help you learn to prioritize your well-being, set healthy boundaries, and communicate your needs effectively to those around you. You will learn coping skills to reverse burnout and restore peace in your life.

    Motherhood is hard, but it doesn’t have to break you or steal you of your joy.

    My approach to Online Therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

    My approach to therapy is person-centered and solution-focused. We will take time to understand the roots of your stress and overwhelm. At the beginning of online therapy, we will address the issue that is causing the most stress. We’ll talk about any physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, muscle aches, or panic attacks. I will help you to work through healthy coping mechanisms. I tend to take a holistic approach to address issues like sleep, self-care, and family support- factors that may impact your mental health. When you’re ready to begin therapy for moms, I am here to work with you.

    Begin Therapy for Moms Dealing with Burnout, Stress, and Overwhelm

    Being a mother isn’t easy, there is a lot of sacrifices, stress, and sleepless nights. You may be working and managing a family which can feel like too much. Sometimes you need to take a break to focus on yourself.  That is why I offer therapy for moms. In my online Maryland Virginia, and Washington, D.C. counseling practice, you will meet with me, your online therapist who specializes in therapy for burnout, stress, and overwhelmed moms.

    Young woman hugging self in sun. After taking time for herself, this women no longer feels like an overwhelmed mom. Therapy for moms in Washington, D.C. or Maryland is a great place to overcome the shame and guilt you've been experiencing from mom burnout. Begin online therapy today!

    To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Managing Motherhood
    2. Meet with Orlesa Poole, your online therapist
    3. Start living life again, without feeling guilty for focusing on you!

    Other services at Managing Motherhood

    Therapy for moms dealing with stress, overwhelm, and burnout is not the only service I offer in my online counseling practice. Other services include postpartum depressiontherapy for postpartum anxietypregnancy and motherhoodparenting supportparent-child interaction therapycounseling for new mothers, and women’s issues. I also work with birth and reproductive trauma. All services are available via online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. I provide therapy and support to women through conception, pregnancy, and motherhood.  You deserve to thrive in motherhood, work, and life. I am here to walk through these changes and transitions with you. Begin therapy with me today!