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  • Therapy for Birth Trauma and PTSD

    Mom sitting on couch in distress. The world around her is blurred. Birth trauma can be paralyzing when you don't know how to move forward. A trauma therapist can help. Begin therapy for birth trauma and PTSD in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. today!

    Since giving birth, you haven’t felt quite right. Thinking about the birth makes you physically hot or sends your heart racing. You might cry or feel fear, guilt, or regret when you remember your birth story. Or you might have nightmares about your birth or feel “on guard,” constantly waiting for something bad to happen. You notice that you feel extremely irritable. You’re anxious, having difficulty sleeping. Plus, you are avoiding thoughts about your birthing experience because it’s just “too much.”

    Although not often discussed, negative birth experiences are common. Events that can cause birth trauma and PTSD include difficult or long labor and painful delivery, having an unplanned cesarean birth, feeling unheard or disrespected during the birth of your baby needing medical attention immediately after birth. You can have a perfectly healthy baby with medically successful delivery, Yet, still feel traumatized by your birthing experience. Any birthing experience that caused you to feel a severe loss of control or feel unsafe (your safety or baby’s) can result in symptoms of trauma. Therapy for birth trauma and PTSD treatment after a traumatic birth can help.

    Symptoms of Birth Trauma and PTSD

    You might be thinking that because you and the baby are physically healthy, you have nothing to complain about. In fact, you might worry about coming off as ungrateful for your beautiful, healthy baby. Especially if you express your disappointment or anger about your birthing experience. Or you might think that just enjoying your new baby will make the feelings of guilt, regret, fear, and anger just go away.

    Unfortunately, birth trauma and PTSD can have a negative effect on your relationship. This affects your baby and the family dynamics. The anxiety, sleep disturbance, and negative emotions that go along with traumatic birth can make you feel like you aren’t the mom you want to be. Or you might feel like you’re a failure and cannot protect yourself or your child.

    What are the Benefits of Counseling for Traumatic Birth

    In order to fully process the traumatic experience, the mother must truly feel safe in their environment. Many mothers are affected as a result of not being heard or feeling unsafe. This can be because of the hospital and the power dynamics at play in any patient-provider relationship. When a woman is in her own home she is able to be in full control of her environment. This allows her to better open up and feel comfortable doing so. By practicing relaxation and coping skills in real-time, allows for learning and adapting to strategies that suit every mother’s need.

    Managing Motherhood’s Approach to Online Therapy for Birth Trauma and PTSD

    Woman at sunset with arms up to sky with birds in sky. You can experience freedom and healing from traumatic birth. Counseling for traumatic birth can help. Work with a trauma therapist to overcome and begin therapy for birth trauma and PTSD in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

    Talk therapy, specifically, trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is an effective, evidence-based treatment for symptoms of PTSD after a traumatic birth. Online Therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. is a safe space for you to learn relaxation and coping skills for your trauma symptoms.  While also processing your feelings about the traumatic incident and learning to think about the incident in a way that works. I want your coping skills to work for you rather than against you. My job is to support you as you tell your story in order to gain control of your emotions and make peace with your experience. Working through your trauma can be a scary experience.  In counseling for traumatic birth, this will be done in a way that respects your individual needs and at a pace that you approve.

    Begin Therapy for Birth Trauma and PTSD in Maryland, Washington, D.C, or Virginia.

    There are so many issues you can encounter as a mother from conception, to birth, and beyond. You deserve to be heard and well taken care of no matter what you have experienced. As a therapist who specializes in women’s issues, I am here to be your advocate. In my online Maryland and Washington, D.C. counseling practice, you will meet with me, Orlesa Poole, your online therapist. I specialize in birth trauma and PTSD, and am I here to be present and truly understand what you’re going through.

    To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

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