Therapy for Moms

Compassionate therapy for moms: From Pregnancy, to Postpartum and Beyond

Motherhood isn’t easy. Feelings of guilt, anxiousness, anger or depression can take their toll on your day-to-day life. You’re here because you want your life back. You want to enjoy being a mother. That’s where therapy for moms can help.

Being a good mother doesn’t have to mean running yourself ragged and giving up a part of yourself. In fact, honoring your needs teaches your kids to do the same. Let me help you learn to prioritize your well-being, set healthy boundaries and communicate your needs effectively to those around you. Motherhood is hard, but it doesn’t have to break you or steal your joy.

As a licensed therapist in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., I’m specially trained to treat postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, birth trauma and other perinatal mental health disorders. My expertise also includes struggles beyond postpartum including mom burnout and anger in motherhood. I can work with you to figure out the root of your issue and help you learn the skills to cope with everyday problems.


Orlesa Poole, Couples Therapist for New Parents in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. - therapy for moms

My therapy approach is person-centered and solution-focused, meaning you are the expert when it comes to the issues you are experiencing. It’s my job to check in frequently about which interventions are working best and always explore the issues that you feel are the most pressing. I take a holistic approach to address issues like sleep, self-care, and family support factors that may impact your mental health. 

I understand from experience that being a mother isn’t easy. There’s a lot of sacrifice, a great deal of stress and too many sleepless nights. Maybe you’re working and managing a family at the same time – so maybe it’s time to take a break and focus on yourself. Fill your cup, so you can better be there for the other important people in your life.

When you’re ready to begin therapy for moms and take that first step to give yourself the self-care you deserve, I’m here for you.

I currently support women with 1:1 video-based online therapy in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

If you live in a state outside of those listed, or outside of the US, I also offer Coaching for moms. This is for women looking to level up in life, chase their dreams and make the most of being a mom.

Right now everything feels hard

It’s okay to not be okay. But it’s NOT okay to sit in the sadness, struggle and exhaustion to the point where it feels impossible to climb out. You need to find your way out – and that’s why I’m here.

Perhaps you’re struggling, you’ve realized you’re not okay and you’ve been feeling exhausted, maybe even anxious or depressed. You may find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm. Wherever you are physically and emotionally right now, you’re also here. Looking at therapy for moms.

That’s a big deal – and a beautiful first step.

If you’ve been struggling and feeling:

I get it. Let’s walk this path together so you can learn effective coping strategies and skills that can help bring happiness, peace and contentment to your role as a mom.

Couples Therapy for New Parents in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Are you ready to start living a joyful life again?

It’s possible to be a good mom and be your own person, too. You can find balance, learn to cope, set boundaries and let go of the guilt. How good does that sound?

My approach to both in-person therapy and online therapy for moms in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. allows us to take time to understand the roots of your stress and overwhelm and help you to work through healthy coping mechanisms. As an online therapist who specializes in therapy for burnout, stress, and overwhelmed moms, I’m here to help you feel confident, empowered and actually enjoy your kids! 

Are you ready to return to a life that’s enjoyable and fulfilling ─ without guilt?

When we begin in-person or online therapy, we will:

My specialty therapy for moms services include

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Sometimes pregnancy and motherhood just aren’t what we thought they would be. You imagined painting your baby’s room, an easy and glowing 9 months and joyful breastfeeding. The reality was something vastly different. Maybe you can’t shake negative thoughts or you feel confused and alone. Perhaps you’re feeling guilty because it seems like you just haven’t “bonded” with your baby. Wherever you are right now, I can help.

Postpartum Depression

You thought that when you finally got to hold your baby in your arms, you’d be filled with an overwhelming sense of joy. Instead, perhaps you felt deep and overwhelming despair. You may feel as though you’ve been robbed of your joy and cannot shake feelings of sadness, guilt and worthlessness. Did you know 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression? You are not alone. There is hope and it can be treated. Read more about Postpartum Depression Therapy

therapy for moms - postpartum anxiety

Postpartum Anxiety

You feel worried. All the time. It may have started before your baby was even born, those feelings like something bad will happen, something is going to go wrong. Maybe you won’t let your baby out of sight for a moment as you constantly check if they’re still breathing. While some worries are healthy, worrying so much that you’re exhausted and cannot enjoy your baby isn’t. Worrying too much is the worst! But it’s also completely treatable.

Burnout and Stress

What is sleep? You haven’t slept for more than 2 hours for months. Maybe longer. You’re going cross-eyed when you look at your ‘to-do’ list and you’re starting to feel resentful because your partner doesn’t seem to be carrying much of the workload at all. Everyone wants something from you and you have nothing left to give. You’re trying to balance work, being a mum, being a partner and just being you for you. You feel like you’re failing. I’m here to help.

Women's Issues

Do you feel stuck in a toxic relationship? Or have you just gotten out of something long-term and feel lost? Do you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore and are struggling to truly love yourself? Have you become an absolute expert at looking like you have it ‘all figured out’ on the outside, but inside you just feel like a sad, confused, or unhappy mess? I understand. And there is no judgment here, only support.

Parent-Child Interaction

PCIT is an intervention for young children with behavioral and emotional issues. Children aged 2-8 who struggle to regulate their emotions may display ‘acting-out’ behaviors. PCIT focuses on improving the parent-child relationship by fixing the way you both interact, using quality time, communication and play to help build your child’s confidence and trust in their relationship with you as the parent.

Birth Trauma and PTSD

You might find yourself feeling sad, angry, fearful or guilty when thinking about your birthing experience. Maybe you’re anxious, irritable and can’t sleep, making your relationship with your child or partner less than excellent. Even though you had a beautiful and healthy baby, you may still have endured negative birth experiences, like feeling unsafe or unheard in hospital, that caused trauma and PTSD. Let me offer you a safe space to learn the tools to relax and cope.

Parenting Support

You might be the most fun-loving, patient, giving parent out there. But that doesn’t mean your child will behave like a perfect angel all of the time. You’re only human, so tantrums and lack of behavioral control on your child’s part can make you feel frustrated, confused and even embarrassed. Let me help you better handle tantrums and feel more in control, practice positive discipline training and promote better behavior. Together, we can work to find the root cause of your child’s troubling behavior.

How It Works

Free Consultation

Wondering if coaching is what you need? Nervous and feeling guilty about dedicating time and money to something that’s you-focused?

Get your free 15-minute phone consultation now:

  •  Learn more about what I offer and see if we’re a good fit 
  •  Get your questions answered, and
  • See how we can help reach your goals together

Online Therapy for Moms

This service is specifically for moms located in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. looking to receive mental health support.

Together, we’ll work towards:

  • Uncovering the root issues of your symptoms
  • Addressing problems such as sadness, sleeplessness, worry, irritation, lack of self-care, exhaustion and overwhelm
  • Understanding how thinking patterns affect mood and anxiety
  • Developing relaxation and coping strategies
    Increasing your attachment to your child, and
  • Strategies for more fulfilling relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re here, we’d say yes! Therapy for moms can help! Untreated maternal burnout, trauma, challenges or depression can leave you feeling overwhelmed, sad and unmotivated and can have negative effects on your life as a whole. These sorts of feelings can be overwhelming and leave mothers feeling like they have no time for themselves, are ‘less-than’ and have no identity outside of their children. While society will tell you that motherhood is supposed to be a struggle, you don’t have to suffer just because you’ve chosen the role of mother. We can work together to figure out the source of your struggles and create a plan that makes things easier to manage and helps you find your joy again!

Medication can be effective but it alone cannot solve all issues. Sometimes medication is needed in conjunction with counseling. Our work together is done to explore and unpack the problems you are experiencing and expand on the strengths that can help you accomplish your personal goals.

Sessions are $250 per intake session and $225 per 50-minute individual therapy session. If you would like to use insurance, you may seek out-of-network benefits for our sessions together. To learn more please see our Investment Page

You don’t need any special equipment for our online sessions. You just need a computer, access to our video chat system and a secure internet connection.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee results. While therapy is known to be effective, you have to do your part to step into change by doing the homework and exercises and using the strategies that we work through together, both inside and outside of your sessions.

There is no way to determine with certainty how long you will be in online therapy. Some issues can be solved in a few sessions while others require more long-term treatment. Other factors that affect the length of treatment include your personal desire for change, your commitment to completing homework and implementing skills learned outside of session and the frequency of sessions.

If you can’t make it to a session, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your appointment. Your access to services, however, is not threatened by your not being in attendance. If you cancel, reschedule, or do not show for an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged the full session fee of $225.

You deserve to live a life you love, as a mom and so much more...

Motherhood doesn’t have to feel like a constant battle. You aren’t alone. And you don’t have to lose your sense of self to be a good mom. The truth of the matter is, your ability to be a good mom (and partner) grows as you learn to better love yourself and manage your own limiting beliefs and challenges!

You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you. Are you ready to discover your joy in life and motherhood, together?

Have a particular question? Check out the FAQs above or click here to get in touch.

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