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    Parent Coaching


    Happy parents sitting outside with children play at the beach. In therapy, you can learn how parent-child interaction therapy roots can help your bond. A person-centered parent coach can provide perspective. Begin parent coaching in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. today via online therapy!

    “There are no bad children, only bad behaviors.”

    Are you having trouble helping your little ones gain control of their BIG emotions?

    My role as a parent coach is to help parents just like you gain insight into what might be causing their child’s intense emotions and explosive behaviors. Through family-centered and solution-focused coaching and therapy sessions, my clients find ways to manage stressful moments quickly and calmly.

    Here is the thing…

    Many of my clients face the same struggles you do. Despite being loving and dedicated parents who commit themselves to doing whatever it takes to raise happy and confident children, they still sometimes find themselves in scenarios that embarrass them. These parents may yell and feel frustration way more than they’d like to. They want to do what’s best for their children, but they’re feeling burned out and have no clue what technique to try next. They do everything they’re “supposed” to do to support and discipline their children in an effective manner, but they still find their kids having a hard time in certain situations.

    Reasons Parents Begin Parent Coaching in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.

    Oftentimes, parents are embarrassed by their child’s behavior when out in public or around family and friends and overwhelmed by their child’s tantrums.

    They spend so much time and money buying their child every new cool toy and gadget, that they hope will make things better, yet their child is still unhappy.

    Many clients are looking to parent their children in a way that builds them up rather than tears them down. However, they aren’t sure what to do or how to do it. They received harsh discipline as children and are determined to break generational cycles of harmful parenting. These parents know that, “When you know better, you do better.”

    Working With a Parent Coach Can Help You Feel More in Control

    Black mom and daughter meditating on gray couch. When you and your child communicate, life is better. Learn some person centered skills with a skilled parent coach. I use parent-child interaction therapy roots in parent coaching in Washington, D.C. ,Maryland, and Virginia. Begin online therapy!

    I use a combination of parent-child interaction therapy and positive discipline techniques to show you how to interact with your child.  These techniques have been proven to decrease tantrums, aggressive behavior, and rule-breaking as well as promote positive behavior. PCIT is also proven to increase a child’s self-esteem, security in the parent-child relationship, and compliance with rules. Children learn to better handle intense emotions, be adaptable, flexible, and have the confidence to work through challenges.

    You don’t have to spend every day fighting battles with your little one that you never seem to win. In fact, you deserve to live in harmony. You can do this while giving your child the best childhood they can have. See how Managing Motherhood can help you get back in control with positive discipline training and online parent-child interaction therapy in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

    My Approach to Parent Coaching

    I provide parenting coaching for a range of challenges and issues you may be facing. When parenting young children, you may need help dealing with:

    • Effective discipline
    • Handling tantrums
    • Supporting young children with anxiety and depression
    • Opposition/ defiance, family transitions (moves, divorce, etc.)
    • Anger
    • Adjusting to daycare or entering school.

    My approach is person/family-centered and collaborative. I view my parents as the experts on their children and individual situations. My focus is to work with parents to find and understand the root cause of their child’s troubling behaviors. I do this before exploring different interventions to find a solution. The goal is to find one that works for both the child and parents. Along the way, I provide education on child development, how a child’s environment shapes their temperament and behavior, effective communication, and how parents can support children with their differing needs. If you believe parent coaching could help your parenting burnout with your child, get in touch with me today!

    Begin Parent Coaching in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C. With Me!

    No one said parenting was easy. You know this better than anyone. Sometimes you may feel like a failure or that you’re the one parent who doesn’t have it together. Parenting burnout is real! I know you just want to work better understand your child’s intense emotions and reactions. Trust me you’re not a bad parent. This is just a growing pain. In my online Maryland Virginia, and Washington, D.C. counseling practice, you can work with me, your parent coach who specializes in parent-child interaction therapy, mood disorders, and parent coaching.

    Happy black mom outside feeling freedom. After working with a parent coach you can put you parenting style in perspective. Begin parent coaching in Virginia, Washington, D.C. or Maryland via online therapy today! Email now.

    To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Managing Motherhood
    2. Meet with Orlesa Poole, your skilled parent coach
    3. Start connecting with your child in a way that works for you both!

    Other services at Managing Motherhood

    Parent coaching is not the only service I offer in my Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. online therapy practice. Other services include postpartum depressiontherapy for postpartum anxietypregnancy and motherhoodparenting supportparent-child interaction therapycounseling for new mothers, and women’s issues. I also work with birth and reproductive trauma. All services are available via online therapy in Maryland, online therapy in Virginia, and online therapy in Washington, D.C. I want therapy to be a safe space for you to let it all hang out so no topic is off-limits. It is not easy to offend me and there isn’t much I have seen and talked about everything in the therapy room! This is your time! Begin online therapy with me today.