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  • Therapy for Postpartum Anxiety

    Therapy for Postpartum Anxiety

    Ever since you had your baby, you just can’t stop worrying. You worry that baby will get sick. Or worry that you’ll drop the baby, and worry that someone will hurt the baby. You don’t let the baby leave your site and you’re up checking their breathing every hour of the night.

    Perhaps, you might not even have had the baby yet, but you keep picturing everything going wrong. Everything is terrifying. At the beginning of pregnancy, you’re researching miscarriage statistics, following every single pregnancy rule, making sure everything is just right because you can’t afford for anything to go wrong. At the end of pregnancy, you can’t stop picturing the worst-case scenarios. You’re terrified of giving birth, and you just want to mentally prepare for every possible outcome.

    Postpartum anxiety is exhausting for new mothers…

    This feels like way too much. You’re exhausted, your muscles ache and you have a nagging headache. Ultimately, you want to enjoy being a mother or being pregnant, but the fear of everything going to shit consumes you. Thoughts of what could be are keeping you up at night.
    Part of you thinks that this worry is good. It is your motherly instinct to protect your baby and keep them alive. Another part of you is concerned that the worry is getting out of control. It’s every day about different things and the thoughts are becoming overwhelming.

    Therapy for postpartum anxiety in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. can help

    Mother holding beautiful black baby and smiling. If your anxiety is causing you to miss out, then therapy for postpartum anxiety in Maryland may help. Begin working with orlesa poole, an online postpartum therapist today!

    While a little worry about our babies is completely normal, worrying so much that you can’t enjoy your pregnancy or a new baby is not. What really sucks, is that worrying doesn’t even make it easier to handle if something bad really did happen! It just makes it so that you are so “in your head” that you’re the missing precious moments happening right in front of you.
    Postpartum anxiety might be something you’ve struggled with for years. Or, it might be another “gift” of motherhood, along with hemorrhoids, stretch marks, and that darn postpartum shedding. Either way, postpartum anxiety is completely treatable.

    This is My Approach to Therapy for Postpartum Anxiety at Managing Motherhood

    Just like with any other mental health issue you might be having you’re looking for therapy that gets results and keeps you at the center. My approach remains person-centered and solution-focused. We’ll take some time to figure out your anxiety triggers and what postpartum anxiety looks like for you. Our immediate focus will be on the issue that is causing the most stress. If you’re experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety such as headaches, muscle aches, or panic attacks, we will work on coping and relaxation skills. Or if intrusive thoughts are giving you grief, we’ll work on figuring out the thought patterns you are falling into. Along the way, we’ll also address issues like sleep, self-care, and family support- factors that all protect against anxiety.

    What is holding you back from receiving postpartum anxiety support today?

    Online therapy for postpartum anxiety in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. can help you get out of your head and back to experiencing and enjoying life. You will learn skills to cope with overwhelming feelings and how to calm the worry. Managing Motherhood makes getting the help you need as easy as opening an app on your phone. Babies in hand are not only welcome, I encourage it! It doesn’t bother me in the least if there are screaming kids in the background or you’re coming to me while hiding in the bathroom. I want you to log on where and when you feel comfortable so that we can get to work.

    Begin Therapy for Postpartum Anxiety in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. 

    Two mothers sitting at table having play date together. If you're looking to overcome anxiety and develop postpartum support, coming to counseling in Maryland and Washington, D.C can help. Begin therapy for postpartum anxiety in maryland today!Don’t let anxiety make you miss out on those special moments. The worry, overwhelm, and stress doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. With postpartum support, you feel more in control and enjoy the time you have with your baby or your pregnancy. In my online Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. counseling practice, you will meet with me, your online postpartum therapist, who specializes in postpartum anxiety. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Managing Motherhood
    2. Meet with Orlesa Poole, your postpartum therapist
    3. No matter what obstacle you’re facing in motherhood, we can conquer it together.

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    Therapy for postpartum anxiety is not the only service I offer in my online counseling practice. Other services include postpartum depression, therapy for stress and overwhelm, pregnancy and motherhood, parenting support, parent-child interaction therapy, counseling for new mothers, and women’s issues. I also work with birth and reproductive trauma. All services are available via online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. I know that being a mother and a parent is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. I will be here every step of the way to help you break free of societal pressure and high expectations. Learn how to love yourself, motherhood, and being a parent. Start your counseling journey today!